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Make a real difference

Before you get shopping, take some time to browse the list of charitable organizations that Terra has partnered with in order to put our profits to better use. Once you find a goal and charity that really speaks to you, make sure to select that goal before checking out so that we know where to send the proceeds from your purchase. Finally, thank you for commiting to making a real difference!

Goal 1- No Poverty

Name of partnered charity: PADS Lake County
How your donation will help: Donations to PADS go to shelters to help individuals who are in a housing crisis. PADS helps support people and families who are struggling and in need. It is directed locally so that they can make a direct impact on the community that they live and so people in the community are able to give back.

Goal 2- Zero Hunger

Name of partnered charity: Feed My Starving Children
How your donation will help: Feed My Starving Children helps supply those across the planet with nutritional deficiencies. Their goal is to help individuals and families become self sufficient. This charity relies on donations and help from individuals. People are able to come into a FMSC location near them and help package meals. Once they’re packaged, they are shipped out to people in need. You can also donate money from their website to help feed a family.

Goal 3- Good Health and Well-being

Name of partnered charity: Horizons for the Blind (Chicagoland area)
How your donation will help: Horizons helps people who are blind or visually impaired by increasing accessibility to consumer products and services, education, recreation and cultural arts.

Goal 4- Quality Education

Name of partnered charity:  Big Brothers Big Sisters
How your donation will help: Big Brothers Big Sisters provides  positive environments and relationships for troubled youth to be guided to reach their full potential. They strive to keep the youth from making poor choices and help them be successful later in life. You can donate through their website or you can be a big brother or big sister or you can be one of the people being helped.

Goal 5-

Name of partnered charity: Chicago Advocacy Against Sexual Exploitation
How your donation will help: Creates Communities that assist survivors from sexual terms. They provide legal teams, counseling, and a community where survivors can share their stories. Also teaches classes across Chicago to empower students to become active allies to end gender-based violence.

Goal 6-

Name of partnered charity: Charity Water
How your donation will help: The charity uses its donations and finds the best sustainable option to give communities water.

Goal 7-

Name of partnered charity:  Solar Village Project
How your donation will help: Donations go to install solar panels in third world countries where electricity is not available.

Goal 8-

Name of partnered charity: The Life You Can Save
How your donation will help:  Donations are divided up to their partnered charities to help put an end to poverty.

Goal 9-

Name of partnered charity: Village Enterprise
How your donation will help: Donations go to help people in 3rd world countries in extreme poverty start businesses.

Goal 10-

Name of partnered charity: Reduced Inequalities
How your donation will help: Donations go to help people around the world fight all kinds of inequalities.

Goal 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities/ Better Public Transport

Name of partnered charity: Home of the Sparrow 
How your donation will help: Donations go to help provide shelters and transportation for women and children who are escaping domestic abuse and extreme poverty

Goal 12- Responsible Production and Consumption

Name of partnered charity: Global Giving 
How your donation will help: Global Giving provides a global crowdfunding platform for grassroots charitable projects.

Goal 13- Climate Action

Name of partnered charity: Rainforest Action Network
How your donation will help: Donations help preserve forests, protect the climate and uphold human rights by challenging corporate power nd systemic injustice through frontline partnerships and strategic campaigns.

Goal 14-  Life Below Water

Name of partnered charity: Oceana
How your donation will help: Oceana uses its donations to protect marine life such as sea turtles, dolphins, and other marine creatures

Goal 15- Life On Land

Name of partnered charity: C&S wholesale grocers
How your donation will help: Donations help provide food and funding to food banks across the country

Goal 16- Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

Name of partnered charity: Blue Chip Foundation
How your donation will help: The foundations gives customers different options to determine where the donation goes. It could go to paying school fees  or paying a salary for a health worker

Goal 17- Global Partnerships

Name of partnered charity: InterAction
How your donation will help: Donations help eliminate extreme poverty, strengthen human rights and citizen participation, safeguard a sustainable planet, promote peace , and ensure dignity for all people.

About the Global Goals: FAQ
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